The Ranch News:

Date: 6/11/07:

On the morning of June 11, 2007 we were able to award 19 exclusive hunt packages to many different church groups of varying denominations from all over the country. Over 250 men will be able to participate in these hunts at no cost to themselves. Our next round of hunts will be awarded at 9 AM on June 9, 2008. Until our new ranch is established for this exclusive purpose, we are limited in our charitable efforts. To be awarded a group hunt, you must be one of the first to call, as we gave away all 19 hunts in less than 30 minutes. Put this important date on your calendar to call!
          Please make your generous donation today, so we can expedite our new ranch and facilities, as we will be offering thousands of these hunts on a no-cost basis to non-profit groups.

Date: 4/2/07:

 In staying in tune with our founding Mission Statement which states in part,

""...our Ranch will also provide a no-cost hunting experience for Church groups, Boy Scouts, terminal patients, and other non-profit and charitable organizations at our Ranch in South Texas...", we will soon establish a 501(c)3 charitable organization, exclusively for the purpose of better fulfilling this part of our Mission Statement. Involved, will be the procurement of new ranch land, the construction of new facilities such as bunkhouses and lodges, a commercial kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, meeting and game rooms, roads and fences, a large outdoor obstacle course which will be over land and water, an amphitheater, and bathhouses.

    This new facility will be fully staffed year-round, and will operate on a no-cost basis to the above mentioned organizations and individuals. This is a $5,000,000 project, and your generous gift will help make this dream come true, which will benefit many for years to come. to come.

Please click  to contribute to this effort. You can also call the ranch at 832-419-6151 for non-cash donations. Thank you in advance for your generous gift. 

Date: 1/19/07:

 Blessing and opportunity has overtaken our hunting operation early this year.  In the last several months,our hunting opportunities have once again expanded, and now include hunts in Georgia, Kansas, and Canada, with additional ranches added in Texas and Mexico.  As of this writing, we are hunting on over 1,000,000 acres in 3 countries, with over 200 individuals involved in our different operations.

Date: 12/15/06:

This has been an exceptional year for our family and ranches. It has been our privilege to donate over 100 hunts to different charities, Church groups, and fellow hunters. One Hospice patient called the Ranch and requested a place to take one last hunt. It was a most humbling experience to be able to donate such a hunt, and one of the greatest honors ever bestowed on our family. Though completely weak in body, Mark had one of the strongest spirits to do one more time, what he had enjoyed since his earliest days. Mark and his wife Barbara celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary with us on November 24, 2006, before his passing 5 days later. Our entire family was able to spend time with Mark and Barbara, and consider this our greatest gift of the year. Our continued prayers are with Barbara and family. Our Lord is good in life and in death. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Date: 11/13/06:

Our Ranch has added the 33,000 acre "El Olmo" Ranch in Coahuila Mexico to our inventory of Trophy Ranches. This property also includes a world-class 10,000 sq. ft. hacienda/lodge. Our whitetail genetics on this Ranch exceed 200 B&C, and we are able to offer these hunts at 50% off regular prices. This Ranch also has abundant dove, quail, ducks, wild hogs, and javelina. Our Ranch Managers will make your border crossing and paperwork requirements easy and painless. If you've never hunted Mexico, this experience will have you coming back year after year.

Date: 11/01/06:

Our land acquisition for world-class hunting ground has expanded an additional 95,000 acres in the "Golden Triangle" of Webb county. We can now offer our hunters the best whitetail hunts in the country, and are now booking our trophy hunts, year-round for the upcoming hunting seasons.

Date: 10/23/06

This fall, we have added 4500 acres in the world-renown "Golden Triangle" here in South Texas to our available hunting ground. This premier Texas Ranch in Webb county offers an exceptional opportunity to harvest a legendary Muy Grande whitetail buck. See our "Hunts" page for details and availability.

Date: 08/15/06:

This have been a year of drought in South Texas. We have however, taken advantage of the conditions. We have done dozer work on many of our ponds, and have deepened and widened them. This will provide a better fishing opportunity in years to come, and will make our ponds better drought resistant.

Date: 05/01/06

With our wild hog population exploding, we have started offering our summer hunts for only $1. This hunting special has been a big success, and has brought hunters to the ranch that would have otherwise waited until the winter. As a result, we are able to better control our wild hog population, and at the same time, offer our hunters an exceptional value on a world-class hog hunt.


Date 11/04/05:

This fall brings several sightings of different cats on our ranches. Just in the last few weeks, our hunters and guides have reported multiple sightings of Mountain Lion, Bobcat, and Black Panther. Because of our large population of sheep and wild hogs, we believe that we have attracted these cats to our ranch, and they are not leaving, due to the ready and constant food source.

Date 08/15/05:

We have added the historic Parr Ranch to our hunting ground. This ranch dates back to the original Mexican land grants issued in 1832. We hope to help the Parr family thin out their wild hog population.

Date 04/01/05:

We would like to welcome all new staff members and guides to the ranch. Our head cook has years of experience as a "pallet pleaser", and has mastered "The Taste of Texas". Her down-home cooking is guaranteed to please the most discerning of critics. View The Menu Here:  The Ranch Menu

Date 03/01/05:

With our new facilities now complete, the ranch is now open every day. With our wild hog population exploding, we will be chasing these Big, Mean, Wild Texas hogs 24/7/365! God Bless Texas and our year-round hunting season that never ends!


Date 02/09/05:

6:00 PM, construction is complete, and our AOL hunting party of 27 hunters have arrived! Our custom log beds made in Colorado arrived today on truck at 1 PM, and with the help of everyone, we were able to get the beds ready for the first excited group to enjoy our new facility.

Date 01/09/05:

We have been fortunate to have good weather for the last 30 days. Construction has continued every calendar day, and so far we are on schedule. We have had great construction crews in from Houston that have worked tirelessly under the direction of Isaac Saldanya. Thank you Isaac!

Date 01/04/05:

We would like to welcome the Bison Ranch to our family. This large Texas Ranch promises to offer our hunters unique hunting opportunities with game rarely found outside of Africa and Asia.


Date 12/09/04:

This winter, we have started construction on a new facility for our hunters. We have taken on an aggressive project to complete a new bunkhouse, commercial kitchen and a large bathhouse in 60 days! Stay tuned!


Date 3/13/04:

This spring brings many new things to the ranch. This spring, we have added 3 new homes to better accommodate our customers. We have left our home sites in their native state, and have left as many old oaks and majestic mesquite trees as possible. It is our goal to always leave our ranches as rustic as possible, and to blend any improvements into the natural surroundings.

Date 11/14/03:

Added to our hunting grounds this fall are Axis deer, Fallow Deer , Red Deer, Sika Deer, several species of exotic Rams, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Blackbuck antelope, Bison Buffalo, and Rocky Mountain Elk.


Date 8/03/03:

We have added 1500 acres of land, rich in all types of wildlife to our available hunting ground. This prime Texas Ranch is rich in native whitetail deer, Rio Grande Turkey, dove, hogs, mountain lion, and more. This Ranch also has many lakes and creeks which are teaming with native fish.

Date 7/20/03:

After several family meetings, it is determined that there is need to better manage the wild game on the ranch. It is agreed to open the ranch to hunters in order to meet these goals.


Date 10/24/02:

The "Badlands" of the historic Williams land grant, issued by the Mexican government in 1832, is purchased as a private family hunting ranch.


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