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Your adventure begins with your arrival at 1 PM on check-in day. After a brief orientation, the action begins. You will be taken to areas of the ranch where our guides have located your game. You and your hunting party will be given additional instructions by your guide, and your spot and stalk hunting will commence.

You will be tracking your game in native pecan bottoms, ancient oak forests, and miles of majestic mesquites. Much of your game will be hiding in our deep native grasslands. You must always be prepared, as it is common to get within 5-10 feet of a pack of hogs hiding in the grass. Many hunters have brought back stories of walking up on 10-20 hogs and being so startled, they never raised their gun!

After dinner at sundown, your guide will take you back into the interior of the ranch for a night of hair-raising action! Most nights are greeted by the sounds of howling coyotes from every possible direction. Bring your rifles, bring your pistols, and if all else fails, have your Bowie knife ready! During your night hunt, be prepared to be surrounded by big mean wild Texas hogs. The big boars only move under the cover of night. You will want to move your spotlights on the edge of the forests, as this is where the cats are prowling. Call them in, and take a trophy of a lifetime. They are always there, and they are always watching you! On a quiet, windless night,the forest is as loud with wild game as a busy city street. More than a few hunters have lost their nerve to hunt the wilds of our moonlit wilderness! The record this year for lost nerve at night is but a short 20 minutes.

Reveille is about an hour before sunrise. This will give you time for breakfast and time to trade stories of your previous night's adventure with your fellow hunters. By sunrise, you will be back in our game- laden fields tracking your game. Early mornings are greeted with the bugling of the elk, or the distant sounds of our trophy rams butting heads for dominance. During your morning adventure, you will encounter many species of trophy game, such as majestic axis and fallow deer, huge red stags, and graceful Texas blackbuck, just to name a few.
At this point, your hunt is only half-way through! If you think the first half of your hunt was awesome, wait until your second night! If you survived the first night, you may be ready for what awaits you down in the "badlands" !

For those that have survived up to the last morning, there is yet more to experience for those that want more. Ask your guide about " dead man's hunt " , and he will tell you the tale. For those that must leave, checkout is before 11 AM on the third day, but for those that can stay, the next adventure is just over the next ridge!

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discounted hog hunt specials: 

The Ranch Boss Hog Hunt Package: $599 per hunter.

This hunt will take place 75 miles East of San Antonio, in Gonzales, Texas.

The Ranch Boss Hog Hunt Package can be used any month of the year.

This is a 3 day, 2 night wild hog hunt package, and includes:

  • 2 hogs of any size; no trophy fees
  • Bobcat & Coyote hunting
  • Other varmint hunting
  • Day & Night hunting sessions
  • All Meals and Drinks
  • Great Lodging
  • Full Ranch Staff
Not included:
  • Hunting license ($45 non-resident @ Walmart)
  • Hog processing
  • Gratuity for your staff

You can check in at 1 PM on either a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  Check-out is before 11 am on the third day.

View available dates Here:  Wild Hog Hunt Texas - Calendar

Call the Ranch at 832-419-6151 with any major credit or debit card to purchase your hunt. 

Our ranch believes in bartering, and will barter any of our hunt packages for Ranch-needed goods or services.  Call the ranch with what you have to trade, and lets see if we have a match for a barter.
Please have every member of your hunting party carefully read the FAQ page, so as to be best prepared. 

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Trophy Boar Hunt $799
  This is a 3-day 2-night hunt, fully guided and guaranteed.  You are guaranteed a harvest opportunity for a trophy boar hog weighing at least 300 lbs.  Many trophies have been taken weighing much more, and there is no extra charge if your trophy weighs over 300 lbs.  You will also be allowed to harvest a meat hog under 150 lbs.  In addition, you can harvest a total of 6 predators/varmints. This list includes, fox, possum, gopher, racoon, armadillo, ringtail cat, skunk, squirrel, bobcat, coyote, and mountain lion. You can shoot any 2 per day. This is primarily a hog hunt, and the predators are just a bonus at no extra charge.

This hunt includes:

  • 1 meat hog & 1 BIG TROPHY HOG
  • 6 predators/varmints
  • Day & night hunting
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Guide
  • And great service from the best staff in the business!

This hunt does not include:

  • Your $45 hunting license for non-residents
  • Gratuity for your staff (recommended $150 minimum)
  • processing of your animals 

Day Hunt Special
$190 per hunter allows the harvest of 1 hog of any size and includes your guide. This hunt is from sunup to sundown, or until you harvest your hog, whichever comes first. Meals and lodging are available for their regular fees.

Every month we give away a 1 man hog hunt package. This give-a-way package includes 1 trophy hog of any size, 2 bobcat, 2 coyote, and unlimited varmints. Also included are your meals, lodging, and guide. This is a 3 day/2 night hunt. The value of this package is $499. There is no catch, other than you will need to register for the drawing. To register, simply send a blank e-mail by clicking here: The drawings are held on the last day of every month. Register today! Rules

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 Hogs can reproduce every 3 1/2 months, and they usually have large litters. In another 3 1/2 months, the babies are having babies, and so on and so on. Come hunt with us next year, and see 50-100 Big, Mean, Wild Texas Hogs during your exciting hunt adventure!

Bring 10-20 hunters, and your group will be exclusive on the ranch! To reserve your hunt, please call the Ranch at 832-419-6151 with a MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Visa. Checks can also accepted. The balance is to be paid in full at least 30 days prior to arrival at the ranch. The ranch accepts credit cards or checks.

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