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100% of our clients have seen bear. The challenge is being in the right place when your "big bruin" comes in.

For our hunters that are interested in harvesting their trophy with archery equipment, we offer our:

This area offers a unique opportunity to see quality bear, with a very high success rate.

Big Bear
Bear harvest is limited each year, resulting in high numbers of big animals being harvested. The largest Black Bear to date is 606 lb. We have also harvested some very old trophy animals. The oldest to date is a 32 year old black bear (the current provincial age record) with many bears in the 10 to 15 year range. If you're hoping for a trophy black bear of an unusual color, you have come to the right place! We do harvest a high percentage of color bears. (cinnamon, brown etc.)

More Big Bear
This is the start of our 10th year of exclusive, allocated hunting ground for big game. This means no other outfitter can trespass on our area, increasing your chance of success! This package is Monday-Friday hunt, with a check-in day of Sunday. Included are your meals, lodging, guide, and transportation to and from your hunting area. You will be staying is our beautiful, 5600 sq. ft. lodge while on your hunt.

This package is $3995 per hunter. You can call in a credit card deposit of $1000 per hunter, with the balance due 60 days prior to your arrival at the lodge. If you are booking your hunt within 60 days of your arrival, you will pay cash upon arrival.

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