Ohio and Michigan Limit Out

It was my first time hunting ever. I was able to fill my tags out. Id recommend it to anybody.

Alabama Takes 300 lb Hog

I came with a group of 7. We all got our hogs. I was able to shoot a 300 lb Boar wit a great set of tusks. I had a great time!

A Real Barn Burner

I shot a hog and a fallow deer. This is a great ranch to hunt in Texas.

Lucky Louisiana

I had a great hog hunt! I took one hog out of each herd that came by and limited out. These two hogs will make some great eating. I look forward to doing this again.

The Nebraska Brand

The hunt was even more than expected. A true hunt, not a shoot. I shot a hog and a ram while stalking the game. It was well worth it!