Mississippi Teens Go Dogg'n

We went doggín where you hunt hogs with dogs. The dogs were ready and cornered a big boar which began to toss the dogs around. We were finally able to jump on the hog and stab it. It took several attempts but we finally dropped it, then loaded it up and brought it back to camp.

South Dakota Guides Recommend This Hunt

The hunting was fabulous! I didnít think that this would be difficult hunting but it was. There were plenty of hogs for anyone if you would just hunt. I was able to get close enough to take one hog with my bow. Another hog charged me which added excitement to the hunt. I really had a great experience.

California - Go East Young Man

It was the best weekend hunt you could ever have! We got our hogs and a buffalo in the thick cover. What a great time.

Come-on Down Colorado

You canít beat this place! We all limited out and had a great time. Great people, Great hospitality.

Texas Stalker

It was a lot of fun! Stalking the hogs during the day was great. I also came across a big boar at night and was able to get a shot. I got my limit.