Missouri Gal's Luv Hunt'n Too

I came down with my dad and a couple of friends. We had a great hunt, good food, good people, and a great time. I recommend this hunt.

S. Carolina Celebrating Dad's Birthday

I brought my dad hunting for his birthday. This was my first hog hunt experience. It was real hunting with exotics and other game all over. We got our hogs and it was a fantastic experience.

I Should Have Done This Sooner

I really needed this. Youíre guaranteed to get a hog if you will just go out there and hunt. The hogs sound like buffalo when they come running through the brush. It was quit an experience and Iím coming back.

Guide Gets Trampled By Big Boar

The guide provided the entertainment. He got run over by a mean old boar while guiding the hunt. We finally bagged the boar after he bagged the guide.

Oregon Trail Leads to Texas

We hunted hogs at all hours of the day. Plenty of hogs to shoot and you can select your hog from the pack. They are hard to kill but we limited out anyway.