Kentucky Takes Big Trophy

My son and I came hunting and took a real nice boar which we are going to get mounted. I saw plenty hog hogs and the facilities are real nice.

Second Hunt Even Better Than The First

This is my second time hunting at the ranch and it gets better every time. We shot 2 hogs the first day and on the second day we came across a bunch of hogs and took 7 more. We had a field day down here.

Fort Hood Sgt. Recommends

I went down and walked the property and saw many hog, elk, exotics, and many varmints. I took two hogs out of a large pack of hogs. I enjoyed the ranch, the people, and the hospitality. I look forward to coming back after my tour of duty in Iraq.

American Cancer Society - Thanks

I purchased my hunt at the Cattle Barons Ball. I was skeptical about how well the spot and stalk would work when I arrived. I was able to take a hog stalking and this was a great experience. It was also great to see the buffalo and other exotic game. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed our trip.

Grand Time Louisiana

I was hunting when my gun broke. The hogs were coming and nearly ran us over. It was a grand time and I look forward to coming back.