Louisiana Unbelievable Experience

The experience we had was unbelievable. This morning there was 70-80 hogs around us. It was worth every penny just to see my boy having a good time

Minnesota 3 Hunters 8 Hogs

We had a good hunt. 3 of us shot 8 pigs. Its a challenge. Accommodations are good.

Arizona Best Hunt in 15 Years

I had the fun of my life. I would recommend it to anyone. Folks are great, food is awesome. We got our limit. This is the best vacation I've had in 15 years. I'll be back.

Mississippi Takes 620 lb Record Boar

I went to the South Ranch and went hunting with dogs. It was a rainy morning, but I still got a record. The dogs were incredible. The scale was not big enough to weigh the hog. He was a monster. I can't wait to come back and do this again.

Kansas Kills Monster Boar

The dogs started barking..and caught a big hog down in the creek. I got so excited, that I jumped on the back of the hog with a knife. Its the most exciting thing that I have ever done in my life.