HogZilla - Dad and Daughter set Ranch Record

I'm 12 years old. My dad took me hog hunting. It's just wonderful here. We see all the animals, the Buffalo, the deer, all the different animals.... It is so wonderful here. There are all different sorts of flowers and wildlife here. It is just great being out here.

Fantastic Ram & Hog Hunts

I got up close on a lot of game. I got my first bow hunt kill. It was a very nice ram and I am going to have it mounted. The accommodations are great, nice people, I highly recommend this hunt!

Texas Hunter Stops Charging Hog

Both my hunting partner and I both took a hog around 150 lbs. Later in the day, Steve wounded a 250 lb hog. I heard some rustling in the brush, when Steve started hollering, "shoot, shoot!" By the time I fired the hog was at the end of my barrel. It sure had this old man's ticker pumping! I really enjoyed myself.

Praise the Lord - House of Refuge

This is our 5th trip here at the Ranch. It has been a great time of fellowship for the brothers. We have enjoyed the hunting experience here at the Ranch.

Wisconsin Says It's a Blast

My dad and I came here to hunt hogs. My dad is disabled, and they did everything to put him on hogs. He saw hogs, I saw hogs. It was a blast. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Big Tex Takes 17 Hogs

Came down here hunting at the ranch. Got a total of 17 pigs. Very good food. Very good hospitality as well. Enjoyed it.