"Grizzly Boar Hunt"

This hunt is a 3 day hunt, with check-in at 1 PM on day of arrival, and check-out at 11 AM on the 3rd day ( 46 clock hrs. later). Each hunter will be allowed to harvest 2 Big, Mean, Wild and Grizzly, Georgia Boar Hogs! While on your hunting adventure, you will blind hunt your first and last sessions. On your full day, you will be taken by your guide by boat to the marshes, swamps, bottom lands, and islands of the coastal region of Georgia. With the use of the best trained dogs in the State, you will experience the very best that Georgia hog hunting has to offer! If all else fails, we can get out the guns! Our big boars with their HUGE tusks, make an awesome trophy!

Here is a list of motels that are close to our hunting ground. Several good restaurants are nearby.

This 3 day hunting adventure is $724 per hunter, and includes the hunt, your guide, boat, and dogs. Your guide will cape, gut, skin, and quarter your hogs for $35 each. Gratuity is not included in the package. Your guides goal is to show you the best time possible, so be generous with your gratuity.

To reserve your hunt, call
the Ranch at 832-419-6151 with any major credit card with a deposit of $300 per hunter.

The balance is to be paid in cash, upon arrival. You can start your hunt on any available Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Our huge boar hog population does not migrate or hibernate, so ANY MONTH is a good month to hunt our Georgia Grizzly's!

You will fly into either Jacksonville Florida or Savannah Georgia. We are the same distance and time of approx. 45 minutes from either airport on the Georgia coast.

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